Is separate GST registration need for different branches

Businesses that opt for VPOB cannot use it as their principal place of business. Also, businesses that deal in goods must have a physical office space for storage and operations. Further, it is also given in the circular that the transporter shall continue to maintain accounts and records as specified in section 35 of the CGST Act read with rule 58 of the CGST Rules as a warehouse keeper.

additional place of business in gst

If there is any agreement between taxpayer and owner of cold storage, it can be uploaded for updating additional place of business. Typically, it takes 7 working days to provide an updated GST registration certificate. If a business is registering, a digital signature certificate must be used to submit the application. With the aforementioned procedure, you can add your multiple businesses to the corresponding GSTIN. It is, however, important that you hire experts to register and handle your GST registration. This facility of adding multiple branches and businesses to one GST registration is undoubtedly truly supportive of business expansion and diversification. For companies or Hindu Undivided Families , a special PAN card of the Company or the HUF must be provided instead.

Difference between Principal Place of Business and Additional Place of Business under GST tax system in India

Further, Additional Place of business services provisions have been provided in the GST Act for obtaining GST registration for branches. A business entity who have their branches in multiple States will have to take separate State wise registration for each branch in different States. But within a State, an entity with various branches would have single registration wherein it can declare one place as a principal place of business and other branches as additional place of business . If business entity having different business verticals (as per the definition in the section- 2 of the CGST Act, 2017) in a state may obtain separate registration for each of its business verticals. In any tax system, registration is the most important and fundamental requirement for identification of taxpayers ensuring tax compliance in the economy. Without registration, an individual cannot collect tax from his customers and cannot claim any input Tax Credit of tax paid by him. Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online.

Bank Account Details

If registration was gained through deception, deliberate misrepresentation, or the omission of information, the registration certificate will be cancelled, harming the business’s reputation. Normally, it takes 3 to 7 working days to verify a modified GST registration certificate, assuming that the enrollment procedure was completed correctly and in accordance with the standards set out. As an entrepreneur, you can expand your business over a vast region within a state, without having to get caught in the hassle of the GST registration procedure for each of your branches or business. You can instead choose to add all the other businesses to a corresponding GSTIN. In the special case of retired government officials who may be enrolling as GST practitioners, a copy of the pension certificate must be provided during the GST registration process. An incorporation certificate that is provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is used as proof for the constitution of business.

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GST officer in 15 days verify the form GST REG-15 and makes it approved by the GST officer. Nevertheless of the class of the activities of the firm, the companies who have a turnover exceeding Rs 40 lakhs should be enrolled for GST. If the name or date of birth mentioned under Basic Details does not match with the data available against PAN, an error message will appear. The taxpayer will have to amend the name and date of birth according to the PAN for successful validation of the bank account. Amendment to Non-Core fields is auto approved after successful filing by the taxpayer and does not require any processing by the Tax Official. Similarly, Application for Amendment of Registration form cannot be filled if there is change in place of business from one state to the other because GST registrations are state-specific.

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