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This exercise involved dropping of several chapters, paragraphs, and even sentences from textbooks across subjects, under the pretext of reducing the curriculum to aid students in recovering from the learning disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. A five-day workshop on preparing a fundamental glossary of political science in Maithili, organized by the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology , Government of India, commenced at L N Mithila University, Darbhanga, on Tuesday. The Class 12 Political graduation in one year Science Board Exam will be held tomorrow, March 20, 2023. Students who will be appearing for the Political Science exam tomorrow can download the past question papers and check important exam day instructions here. The exam will be of 80 marks and the students will get complete 3 hours to attempt all the questions. Identify the varied options considered by the government to balance growth and socio-economic justice. Develop critical thinking about the role of various stakeholders in ensuring security today.

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And above all I hope that they will learn that the task of scholars is to speak back to history and engage with power. Political theorists who think about the good society enable us to ask, once again, the eternal questions that prominent political philosophers have asked since time immemorial. That is why political theory also overlaps with great literature; literature that is inspiring and transformative.

The castes are split into square castes, language into dialects, and regions into sub-regions. You can prepare for the CBSE Class 12th Political Science Exam by studying the syllabus thoroughly, practicing previous year question papers, taking mock tests, and revising regularly. The paper attempts to forecast the growth pattern of the COVID-19 spread in India and examines the impact of the lockdown on its spread and deaths.

Career Options in Political Science: Top 12 Career Opportunities in India

Indian politics is frequently seen as contentious, dynamic, multi-colored, litigious, controversial, instigative, all this and further. Everything relies on this part of your diapason and there’s always a view. A class structure might serve as a way to put people into exertion brigades in India.

Paul Brass’s legacy will endure in his exceptional body of work and through the example of a scholarly life well-lived. In a career that spanned nearly six decades, Paul Brass was dedicated to his scholarly work. He tackled many of the most important questions of Indian politics and authored sixteen books and dozens of articles. Political scientist devotes their time to doing research, interpreting, and creating theories on relevant topics. Their scope of studies is from the village bodies to national and international.

The Law Commission of India has released the 279th report arguing in favour of continued penalisation of sedition under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code . The commission has opined that the provision can only be invoked when a tendency to… Through a systematic call for massive corporate investment in the education sector and a greater emphasis on the online mode, education sector is manoeuvring the revival of the enfeebled capitalist system. The Fourth All India Handloom Census 2019–20 reveals that the lack of market demand, dearth of capital/funds and the non-availability of credit are the major issues that handicap the working of the handloom sector. Take a tour in Journal and you will find the best Journal in the world. The video will take you to every steps of article submission in online journal.

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From organising press releases and conferences to managing campaigns, events, and public appearances, the profession requires astute critical skills of researching, writing, and analysing to promote their client’s image, something that political science majors possess in abundance. A political campaign staff’s job profile is the same as that of a social media manager, except that this work is done mostly offline. Political campaign staff members prepare press releases and draft speeches for their clients, design and execute campaign strategies, analyse current political issues, study public reactions to cultivate their client’s image, and organise fundraisers for the campaign. This is where political science graduates can leverage their knowledge of what constitutes a positive public image and opinion, and formulate and implement plans to shape and enhance their clients’ social media campaigns. If you are contemplating a political science career and planning to apply for an MA in political science, but are unsure about the job opportunities and salary, this article is for you. Above all, I hope they realise that the subject teaches them to bring normative considerations to bear upon the great questions of the day.

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Private foundations led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have engineered a shift in… On one hand the BJP defines SC, BC castes as Hindus, and on the other hy banning beef denies them their age-old food habits. If beef is banned it will he the beginning of the end of the country’s… Investigating the effects of monsoon variability on the agricultural output at the regional level for five broad agroclimatic regions from 1980–81 to 2016–17, the analysis validates our postulation… This reading list explores the history, impact and implications of the Unlawful Activities (…

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