Tips To Protect Your Children From Infections During Monsoon

Proper handwashing is one of the easiest and effective means of stopping the spread of infection via feces, body fluids, and inanimate objects. Checkups are one of the paramount factors leading to good health and when it comes to the health of your baby, you need to be extra cautious in getting regular health-checkups done. Your baby’s first couple of years will need a plenty of rounds of check-ups as it is the best way to ensure your baby is growing and developing as she/he should.

Thus, we must be little careful regarding overall hygiene & sanitation. It is important to utilise the valuable summer vacation for children. But during summers it is difficult to step out and play outdoor games. To ensure better exercise for children, parents should involve activities such as skipping, hopping, and jumping with balls. These activities can be completed inside the house and can help develop motor skills.

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Creating awareness about the symptoms and alarming consequences of malnutrition. Collaborating with Wiki Project Med Foundation andHealthPhone, Internet-in-a-Box has developed an offline distribution system for medical and healthcare content geared specifically to South Asia. Breastfeeding and the importance of balanced nutrition and health. In this regard I shall not have any complaint nor complain to TRAI as to any alleged unsolicited calls by BAGIC to me. Natural fruit or vegetable-based health drinks, Haldi milk, ginger-tulsi water & mint lemon water are also very useful. During this season slightly damp clothes can lead to fungal infection.

When moving out encourage your child to have an umbrella or a raincoat. In case you notice any signs of illness like fever, sneezing, joint pain, breathing issues, etc. contact your pediatrician right away. If the child has got drenched, make sure they take a bath with clean water and disinfectant soap. The general terms and conditions of the usage of this website also apply.

Don’t smoke or allow anyone to smoke when one is in close quarters of your precious gem. It hampers their health and these baby tips are effective because it helps in the proper growth and development of the infant. Though the family members are your well-wishers and their advice can prove to be extremely helpful, consult your paediatrician if you face issues regarding baby health. If you think that they are behaving slightly abnormally than their usual routine, then it is time to consult your doctor. You plan to buy products like feeding chairs, car seats, strollers, etc. to provide safety to the babies.

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But in many of these AWCs, a majority of the names of children are only on paper and anganwadi workers are unable to reach out to the children who need their services the most. Monsoon brings some relief from heat and by the end of summer months we eagerly wait for rain showers. This time of the year carries a few health issues for both children as well adults. Children have lower immunity as compared to adults are more prone to getting infections.

It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed but believe me, it is a passing phase and will soon disappear once the new routine gets complete acceptance. Postpartum depression among women is also a normal behaviour and can be handled with a sensitive approach towards the lady by her partner and other family members. You are probably dealing with an infant, infancy demands, sleep deprivation, conflict with partners, and here pops another one – advice from family members.

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There are various phases of childhood, and positive parenting is all about knowing what your child needs and giving the best care possible. It is better to wait for 2 months after a normal delivery and give a 5 months grace period to your body if you had a C-Section. The wait is worth it because your body needs time to relax and get into exercise mode. It is natural for the mother of a newborn to feel disoriented in the beginning because she may feel her life is topsy turvy. For the first few weeks after childbirth, the new mom’s life revolves around her kid.

Since a medical emergency can arise at any time, cover your daughter under family health insurance and critical illness insurance early in life. These health insurance plans can help you avail of the best treatment for your child without any strain on your finances. Toddlers going to play school are often prone to common cold, cough, infections and other conditions. This happens due to the new environment and increased contact with other children. Hence, make sure you talk to the paediatrician about important vaccines that your child may require at this age. Also, take a health insurance plan for your child or cover her under your family health insurance.

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