Syria Marriage Custom

A ceremony is a happy occurrence that brings together two people in love and celebrates their responsibility to each other In many cultures, relationships are a indicator of family and community and are often celebrated with unique beliefs. In Syria, a particular tradition takes place after the festival that is believed to be a indicator of the success of the wedding.

The first day of a syrian ceremony is known as” Al- Henna Day”. This is when relatives and friends come to the couple’s house to color henna on her hands and arms. This is a symbol of good chance for the woman’s future.

During this time, it is common for the couple’s relatives to attend the princess’s home and ask her to abandon with them. The communities will negotiate until a finalized price is agreed upon, which is the sum that the groom’s home may pay in order to take the wife with them. This cash is called the dowry and is frequently paid before a matrimony does take spot.

On the wedding day itself, friends are greeted by people of a classic syrian musical quartet called arada who sing ancient classic tunes. Piles of foods are spread out on columns and dance music is played throughout the day. The bridegroom and bride trek to their innovative house hand in hand, accompanied by their close friends and family. This is one of the most crucial weeks in a woman’s living and is often remembered with passion for years to come.

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